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View this page for updates on assignments and upcoming quizzes/tests.  There are links provided at the bottom of this page for helpful websites that relate to content material.

Fourth Quarter-
Monday 3/23/15: Polygons and Quadrilaterals, Notes and Examples
Tuesday 3/24/15: Polygons and Quadrilaterals, Practice Problems/WS
Wednesday 3/25/15: Angles of Polygons, Notes and Examples
Thursday 3/26/15: Angles of Polygons, Practice Problems/WS
Friday 3/27/15: End of Week Quiz (Polygons)
Monday 3/30/15: Properties of Parallelograms, Introduction and Practice Problems
Tuesday 3/31/15: Special Parallelograms, Notes and Practice Problems
Wednesday 4/1/15: Parallelogram Review Packet
Thursday 4/2/15: End of Week Quiz (Parallelograms)
Friday 4/3/15: No School 
Monday 4/6/15: No School
Tuesday 4/7/15: Teacher In-Service (No School for Students)
Wednesday 4/8/15: Properties of Trapezoids- guided notes and examples
Thursday 4/9/15: Work on Study Guide for Polygons Chapter Test
Friday 4/10/15: Polygons Chapter Test
Monday 4/13/15: Distance on the Coordinate Plane - guided notes and examples
Tuesday 4/14/15: The Slope Formula- guided notes and examples
Wednesday 4/15/15: Review Worksheet- Distance, Midpoint, and Slope between two points
Thursday 4/16/15: More practice with Distance, Midpoint, and Slope- Worksheet
Friday 4/17/15: End of Week Quiz
Monday 4/20/15: ODD CLASSES- Triangle Theorems Review
Tuesday 4/21/15: EVEN CLASSES- Triangle Theorems Review
Wednesday: 4/22/15: Coordinate Geometry Review
Thursday 4/23/15: ODD CLASSES- Post Assessment
Friday 4/24/15: EVEN CLASSES- Post Assessment 
Monday 4/27/15: Linear Equations- guided notes and examples
Tuesday 4/28/15: Practice Worksheet- Linear Equations
Wednesday 4/29/15: Graphing Linear Equations- guided notes and examples
Thursday 4/30/15: Review- Writing and Graphing Linear Equations
Friday 5/1/15: End of Week Quiz 
"All About Area" Week 
Monday 5/4/15: Rectangles and Squares- guided notes and examples
Tuesday 5/5/15: Parallelograms- guided notes and examples
Wednesday 5/6/15: Trapezoids- guided notes and examples
Thursday 5/7/15: Mixed Area Review
Friday 5/8/15: End of Week Quiz
Surface Area Week
Monday 5/11/15: Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders
Tuesday 5/12/15: Surface Area of Pyramids and Cones
Wednesday 5/13/15: Surface Area of Spheres
Thursday 5/14/15: Surface Area Review
Friday: 5/15/15: End of Week Quiz 
CLICK HERE for Area Formulas
This link contains pictures, formulas, and examples for this topic.
CLICK HERE for Writing Linear Equations
This link has examples, explanations, and video for help with this topic
CLICK HERE for help on Distance, Midpoint, and Slope
This link contains examples, formulas, and explanations for these concepts.
CLICK HERE for Angles of Polygons
This link contains helpful videos, formulas, and example problems for finding the measure of angles of polygons.
CLICK HERE for Information on Parallelograms
This link offers information, practice problems, and examples on everything you need to know about parallelograms.
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