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Storyteller of the Month
Judy Walsh was February's Storyteller of the Month at Hamersville School for grade two classes. Judy read Wake Me in Spring by James Preller and Arctic Tale by Rebecca Baines.
Wake Me in Spring is about a mouse who persistently attempts to convince a bear to stay awake throughout the winter by telling the bear everything he will miss if he hibernates. Mouse tells him, he will miss warm hot chocolate, snowmen, sleigh rides, and ice skating. Finally Mouse tells Bear that he will miss him. Bear says he will miss Mouse, but not all the other things. This book is a story about a caring, loving friendship.
Arctic Tale is a non-fiction book from which National Geographic produced a movie. This book is about arctic animals. It describes the lives of seals, polar bears, and walruses, what they eat, their mother's care, and how they grow up to become young adults. It also describes how the changing environment affects their lives.
Judy encouraged and inspired students to be readers. Thank you, Judy Walsh, for spending your time with us!
Community Resource
Terry and Carol Taylor who lived in Papua New Guinea for 20 years, were February's Cummunity Resource People at Hamersville School. Hamersville second graders were pleased to have Terry and Carol as presenters to learn about another culture.
The Taylors showed slides of the people who live there, talked about their customs, their houses, education, climate, food, and how they travel. They said a box of cereal cost twenty-five dollars and most of the time there were bugs in it. They said sweet potatoes were their main food. During the twenty year period they lived there, they had no electicity, no telephones, no refrigerators, and no televisions. They told how the people lived off the land from building their houses out of different types of plants, to making their clothes out of vegetation and animals. The people of Papua New Guinea are very artistic. They are craftsmen wood carvers and weavers. The Taylors displayed several handcarved pieces and woven baskets and bags. They said the baskets were for catching fish. Terry taught students some pidgon, which is the main language of Papua New Guinea. Carol shared with second graders that she taught the people how to read and write their own language. She said one man learned how to read and write in about six weeks.
Teachers and students wish to express their gratitude to the Taylors for spending their valuable time with us. We enjoyed the slides, exhibit of items from Papua New Guinea, and your presentation. Thank you so much!
2014 Science Fair

The following is a list of 2014 Participants and Award Winners. All students received a Science Fair bookmark and t-shirts for participating. We had approximately 75 K-8th graders participate. Thank you

for encouraging students to participate. Another great year!

Kindergarten: Olivia Cook - 1st place & Special Outstanding Achievement Award, Naomi Cover - 2nd place

First Grade: Alex Hammel (Hon. Mention), Seth VanWinkle (3rd place), Rebecca Bernhardt (2nd place), and Lily Dean (1st place)

Second Grade: Bobby Hammel (3rd place), Emma Roberts (Hon. Mention), Connor Casey (2nd place), Cameron Gwelly (1st place)

Third Grade: Kayli Cover (1st place), Peyton Schadle (2nd place), Isaac Bernhardt (3rd place), Seth Barber (Hon. Mention), Kate Stratton, Sydney Davis, Logan Cover, Malaki Raines

Fourth Grade: Lizabeth Duncanson (Hon. Mention), JD Hansel (Hon. Mention), Kori Yost, Kyler Harper, Ryan Schuler, Kayli Sanchez, Jason Chisman, Brianna Planck (1st place), Ryann Lucas (2nd place), Skylar Niesen (3rd place)

Fifth Grade: Pierce Schadle (3rd place), Evan Hurst (2nd place), Austin Bellamy (1st place), Hannah Barber (Hon. Mention)

Sixth Grade: Abby Keith (2nd place), Emily Huddleston (3rd place), Lynsey Jackson, Erin Morgan, Rose Dean (1st place), Waylen Whitaker (Hon. Mention), Justin Ingram (Hon. Mention)

Seventh Grade: Ryan Craig (1st place), Natasha Turner (2nd place), Brendon Ormes (3rd place), Kyla King (Hon. Mention), Chyann Croswait

8th Grade: Brandon Koons (Special Outstanding Award Winner), Eric Funk, Kyle Boggs, Brittany Hauck, Jennifer Rogers (3rd place), Sara Schick, Alyssa Pollard, Sarah Pike (Hon. Mention), Danielle Morrow (Hon. Mention), MJ Watson, Alanis Daugherty (2nd place), Sierra Darlington (2nd place), Mackenzie Bridges, Kylin Kidwell, Hannah Liming, Cheyanna DeMoss, Kayla Hedge, Nichole Boone, Corrin Keplinger (1st place), Will Stratton

**2014 Brown County Science Fair (held Sat., Feb. 22nd): Peyton Schadle (Hon. Mention 3rd Grade), Ryan Craig (Outstanding 7th Grade), Sierra Darlington & Alanis Daugherty (Outstanding 8th Grade), Corrin Keplinger (Hon. Mention 8th Grade; Soil & Water Award)

*Special Thanks to Shelley Ernst and our Hamersville P.T.O. for purchasing our trophies, ribbons, and t-shirts again this year!!

*Science Fair judges: Warren Trefz (Adams Brown Recycling Center); Kellie Day; Sonia Keith, Heather Patten (Mt. Orab Public Library); Bill & Beth Dean, Larry Prine; Gigi Neal (OSU Clermont County Extension); Kelly Royalty (OSU Clermont Extension); Cathy Griffith

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