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 Recently long-time Western Brown educator Blaine Wallace decided that his book shelves needed some relief.  As a huge history and sports' buff, Wallace has collected hundred and hundreds of sports and history books over the years.  However, he was finding out that he needed to let some of his prized collection go to make room for new acquisitions.  He contacted the high school's media/specialist to see if the high school library could use a 'few' books from his vast collection. After Mr. Wallace was told that the library would indeed accept his generous donation, he soon boxed up nearly 150 hard cover and paperbound books and delivered them to the high school library.  Upon seeing the books from Mr. Wallace, Mr. McKenzie, the district's media/specialist was stunned at the amout and condition of the books.  After thanking Mr. Wallace for his generosity, Mr. McKenzie assured Mr. Wallace that he would begin cataloging the books and getting them on the shelves for the students at the high school to enjoy.
The students and staff send a huge thank you to Mr. Wallace. 

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Beginning in the fall of 2014, the Western Brown Local School District has upgraded its successful District-Wide AR program to the online version of Renaissance Learning.  With the upgrade, the District now has access to over 170,000 quizzes for students to take. Please use the following like to see if a quiz is available for the book you or your child is reading.

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Western Brown High School is proud to offer students the opportunity to advance his or her education through the use of its new and improved I (interactive) V (video)  D (distance)  L (learning) classroom. In this classrom, students are able to watch, listen, and participate in lectures, labs, and discussions with educators, doctors, politicians, and others. The new and improved classroom was designed by the district's technology department and includes seating for 50 + students, a new PolyCom camera and speaker system as well as big screen projection capabilities.   The lab is run by Mr. Gregg McKenzie the district's library/media specialist.  Mr. McKenzie has been using IVDL equipment to facilitate learning in the Western Brown School District for nearly 20 years.  In fact, Mr. McKenzie previously used an IVDL classrom to teach Advanced Placement English to not only his students here at Western Brown but also to students in two other school districts at the same time.  He is excited to continue using this valuable resource to further the education of the students at Western Brown High School.

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Mr. Jeremy Wheeler instructs his CSI class on the proper way to fill out the paperwork for organ weights and measurements before the start of COSI's In-Depth Autopsy program.

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Mr. Wheeler's class interacts with a resident pathologist as she explains the many intricate components to an autopsy.  During the videotaped session, the students of Western Brown were able to ask questions of the doctor as she narrated the videotape of the autopsy. 

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Upon conclusion of the in-depth autopsy, Mr. Wheeler's class is set to determine the victim's COD (cause of death).
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