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Mrs. Jina Bohl, 

Assistant Superintendent of Western Brown
Curriculum and Instruction, Human Resources,
and Federal Programs Coordinator

937-444-2044 ext 25031
[email protected]


Western Brown Federal Programs

Western Brown receives funds for Title 1 services at Mt. Orab Elementary and Hamersville Elementary and Middle School.  These funds are used to fund our All Day Every Day Kindergarten program, provide intervention services for children needing extra help in reading, and provide other services for parents and non-public schools. 
There are many regulations that must be followed in order to receive this funding and one of those important criteria is Parent Involvement activities such as:
1. Title 1 Information Meetings:  This year we will provide parents to learn more about Title 1 in each of our elementary buildings.  Mt. Orab Elementary will host a table on November 4, 2021 during parent -teacher conferences from 5:00 - 6:30 pm where parents can get more information and ask questions.  Click here to see their flyer   SY22 MOES Parent Info flyer.doc    
Hamersville Elementary will host a table during parent teacher conferences on November 11, 2021 from 5:00 - 6:30 pm. Click here to see their  SY22 Title 1 HEMS Parent Info meeting Flier.doc

2. Parent Involvement Policies which are reviewed each year by parents and educators. 

3. Ready School Activities- Helping Pre-school children and K-8 students transition to the next grade level.  
Homeless families and students is a great concern for the Western Brown Community.  WB tries to make sure that we aid families as best as we can.  For more information, please see our main page on the right hand column.  Homeless is a community issue and together we can support our families and students during their time of need. Contact me for additional help.
If you'd like to help with reviewing these policies or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

WB Harassment, Bullying, & Discrimination Information

 Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination / Diversity Documents

WB District Compliance Officers: 
Mrs. Jina Bohl, Assistant Superintendent  [email protected]
Mr. Jeff Herrmann, WB High School Assistant Principal,  Jeff
If you have any questions about Western Brown's Harassment, Bullying, or Discrimination policies and procedures, please contact your child's building principal or the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent. 

Academic Fieldtrips

Click here for Fieldtrip Guidelines and Application.  Usually field trips are approved by the BOE before the date of the trip.  For this year only, we will waive this requirement and I will approve the trip once the application is reviewed and date is cleared by the transportation dept. If you will need more than one bus, you'll need to submit paperwork for each bus request.
Below are the Fieldtrip Dates that have been reserved for this year.

Please notify me, Jina Bohl if you want to put a requested date or approved date on this list.
 MAP(s) MUST ALSO BE ATTACHED TO Transportation Request FORM(s)!   Fieldtrip Bus Request Form
Scheduled Fieldtrips for 2021- 2022 School Year

March 24 & 25  MOMS 6th grade :  Cincinnati Nature Center
April 28 MOMS 7th- Zoo
May 6  HEMS 2nd - Trammel Park
May 12 HEMS K: Cincinnati Zoo
May 12 MOES 3rd- Cincinnati Zoo
May 13 HEMS 8th SS / SC- Cincinnati Museum Center
May 13 MOMS 5th Skyline Chili
May 20 HEMS 7th  Tri-State Warbirds Museum



WB Local Literacy Plan

Our district has developed a Local Literacy Plan to ensure that all students can read, write, speak, and communicate effectively.  The Plan is aligned to our district  improvement plan and the Striving Readers Grant we received in 2018.  For more information, please contact  Jina Bohl at [email protected] or 937-444-2044, ext 25031.
Our Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant which supports many literacy initiatives in the district, was awarded to the district in early 2018.  Over $200,000 is dedicated to ensuring evidence based instructional strategies are used by teachers and administrators in the teaching and learning process.  You can access the grant narrative below.  For more information, please contact  Jina Bohl at [email protected] or 937-444-2044, ext 25031.

Community Perspectives, We Want to Know What's Important to You?

As a public school district, it is extremely important to get our community's perspective on critical issues.  Our financial situation deems it necessary to ask our parents, community members, and voting age students what they believe are priorities in spending and how to devise a course of action to address our financial restraints.  We ask that you take a little time to fill out the survey below.  It will help us in understanding your view and in meeting the needs of our community.  Thank you for supporting Western Brown!

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