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Mrs. Jina Bohl, 

Assistant Superintendent of Western Brown
Curriculum and Instruction, Human Resources,
and Federal Programs Coordinator

937-444-2044 ext 25031

A+ Students, Please use the new Online Learning tab on the main page.

WB Harassment, Bullying, & Discrimination Information

November 30, 2015
January 19, 2016
If you have any questions about Western Brown's Harassment, Bullying, or Discrimination policies and procedures, please contact your child's building principal or the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent.

Academic Fieldtrips

 Click here for Fieldtrip Guidelines and Application.  Your fieldtrip must be approved by the WB Board of Education so please make sure you submit paperwork a month before your fieldtrip.
Below are the Fieldtrip Dates that have been reserved for this year.
Please notify Jina Bohl if you want to put a requested date or approved date on this list.
 MAP MUST BE ATTACHED TO Duplicate Transportation FORM! 
Scheduled Fieldtrips for 18 - 19 School Year
 AA Class MOMS - October 4 - Cherry Ridge Farms
4th Grade HEMS - October 5- Rankin House 
WBHS Cross Categorical Class / HEMS MH Unit -October 25 American Legion Georgetown
4th Grade MOES - December 13- Calico Theater 
8th Grade MOMS - January 30 - Aaronoff Theater - Harietty Tubman 

Western Brown Federal Programs

Western Brown receives funds for Title 1 services at Mt. Orab Elementary and Hamersville Elementary and Middle School.  These funds are used to fund our All Day Every Day Kindergarten program, provide intervention services for children needing extra help in reading, and provide other services for parents and non-public schools.  Our One Call service is funded through Title 1 funding.
There are many regulations that must be followed in order to receive this funding and one of those important criteria is Parent Involvement activities such as:
Title 1 Information Meetings:  Click here to see Parent Information Flyer
HEMS and MOES Parent Involvement Policies which are reviewed each year by parents and educators
Ready School Activities- Helping Pre-school children and K-8 students transition to the next grade level.  See WB Ready School Plan here.
Homeless families and students is a great concern for the Western Brown Community.  WB tries to make sure that we aid families as best as we can.  For more information, please see our main page on the right hand column.  Homeless is a community issue and together we can support our families and students during their time of need. 
If you'd like to help with reviewing these policies or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at jina.bohl@wbbroncos.com
Community Perspectives, We Want to Know What's Important to You?

As a public school district, it is extremely important to get our community's perspective on critical issues.  Our financial situation deems it necessary to ask our parents, community members, and voting age students what they believe are priorities in spending and how to devise a course of action to address our financial restraints.  We ask that you take a little time to fill out the survey below.  It will help us in understanding your view and in meeting the needs of our community.  Thank you for supporting Western Brown!


Partnering Up for Students!
Algebra Academy Huge Success
WB Intervention Services Change Due to ESEA Flexibility Waiver

Some of you might have read in the papers or heard it on the news that Ohio has recieved a waiver to the No Child Left Behind Act (ESEA). This will allow the Ohio Department of Education to hold schools accountable according to what ODE and Legislature have decided and submitted to the US Dept of Education. School report cards will be changing to an A - F grading system and will still have some of the same information on how schools are doing on state assessments, attendance, graduation rate, and student growth.  There will also be different expectations for providing interventions for students who are at risk.

In previous years, schools who have not met AYP, average yearly progress, with specific groups of children such as low economical or special education, would have multiple services or activities they would have to offer.   Hamersville Elementary and Mt Orab Elementary have both had to offer intervention services provided by outside providers such as Sylvan Learning or Club Z.  Now, schools will offer services to at risk students by the child(ren)'s teacher(s).  Due to this change, SES (Supplementary Education Services) will not be offered this year at Hamersville Elementary or Mt Orab Elementary. Both Title 1 schools are instituting a time during the day in which all teachers in a grade level will devote to interventions and challenge activities.  Children are assessed and put into groups that share the same needs so teachers can specifically address those skills or knowledege that need to be learned.  WB feels that our teachers understand and really know what our students need and how they learn, and can give better intervention services than an outside provider.  In the future, 3rd graders who do not do well on district and state assessments, and are not on grade level in reading, will be given more options in intervention services such as after school or by outside providers.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about this change in intervention services.  Mrs. Jina Bohl,  WB Federal Programs Coordinator, 444-2044, ext 15031

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