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Abbinante, Mark Intervention Specialist 11111 mark.abbinante@wb.k12.oh.us
Arn, Shelley Intervention Specialist 14115 shelley.arn@brown.k12.oh.us
Bailey, Sandra Aide 12338 sandra.bailey@brown.k12.oh.us
Becraft, April Intervention Specialist 13166 april.becraft@wb.k12.oh.us
Bohrer, Jennifer Director of Special Education 15014 jennifer.bohrer@wb.k12.oh.us
Bridges, Chandra Intervention Specialist 378-6131 ext 331 chandra.bridges@shctc.k12.oh.us
Brown, Melissa Intervention Specialist 11246 melissa.brown@wb.k12.oh.us
Brunsman, Kyle Intervention Specialist 11153 kyle.brunsman@brown.k12.oh.us
Cline, Julie Intervention Specialist 12222 julie.cline@wb.k12.oh.us
Cockrell, Robert Aide 11109 robert.cockrell@wb.k12.oh.us
Crall, Danielle Intervention Specialist 12227 danielle.crall@wb.k12.oh.us
Crayden, Stannye Intervention Specialist 12336 stannye.crayden@wb.k12.oh.us
Day, Shannon Intervention Specialist 14121 shannon.day@brown.k12.oh.us
Debord, Andrea Intervention Specialist 13118 andrea.debord@brown.k12.oh.us
Dreyer, Evan Intervention Specialist 12231 evan.dreyer@wb.k12.oh.us
Eldridge, Debra Aide 14122 debra.eldridge@wb.k12.oh.us
Fulmer, Tracy Aide 11208 tracy.fulmer@wb.k12.oh.us
Gaskin, Mary Aide 15021 mary.gaskin@wb.k12.oh.us
Hedger, Madonna Intervention Specialist 13181 madonna.hedger@wb.k12.oh.us
Helbling, Kathy Intervention Specialist 14218 kathy.helbling@wb.k12.oh.us
Hiler, Shannon Aide 14119 shannon.hiler@brown.k12.oh.us
Hoffman, Diana Aide diana.hoffman@brown.k12.oh.us
Hopkins, Janice Aide 14119 janice.hopkins@brown.k12.oh.us
Hudson, Tim Intervention Specialist 12334 tim.hudson@wb.k12.oh.us
Hutson, Tammy Aide 11152 tammy.hutson@wb.k12.oh.us
Joaquin, Claudia Speech                                  * cormerod@kent.edu
Kelch, Jill Itinerant teacher-PS 937-393-1904 (145) jkelch@ohioregion14.org
Ketron, Kim Aide kim.ketron@brown.k12.oh.us
Kirk, Cheryl Intervention Specialist 14216 cheryl.kirk@wb.k12.oh.us
Klump, Heidi Intervention Specialist 13138 heidi.klump@wb.k12.oh.us
Lang, Tony Intervention Specialist 14119 tony.lang@brown.k12.oh.us
Libecap, Tommie Augmentative Communication 937-393-1094 (138) tlibecap@ohioregion14.org
Limes, Christina Speech 14011 mailto:christina.limes@brown
Lykins, Eva Aide 11153 eva.lykins@brown.k12.oh.us
Mason, Rebecca Educational Audiologist 937-393-1904 (107) bmason@ohioregion14.org
Michael, Brandi Itinerant teacher-HI 937-393-1904 (208) bmichael@ohioregion14.org
Miller, Janet Aide janet.miller@brown.k12.oh.us
Mootz, Jennifer Intervention Specialist 14128 jennifer.mootz@wb.k12.oh.us
Mullins, Katrina Aide katrina.mullins@brown.k12.oh.us
Mullins, Nancy Occupational Therapist 937-393-1904 (117) nmullins@ohioregion14.org
Mullis, Shannon Intervention Specialist 13159 shannon.mullis@wb.k12.oh.us
Neal, Christine Aide 12227 christine.neal@wb.k12.oh.us
Newberry, Linda Aide 13180 linda.newberry@wb.k12.oh.us
Ogden, Melvie Aide 14122 melvie.ogden@wb.k12.oh.us
Olson, Ellen Intervention Specialist 12338 ellen.olson@wb.k12.oh.us
Osborne, Vicky Aide 13180 vicky.osborne@wb.k12.oh.us
Pike, Kimberly Aide kimberly.pike@brown.k12.oh.us
Range, Kim Itinerant teacher-V I  937-393-1904 (119) krange@ohioregion14.org
Rausch, Bethany School Psychologist 15030 bethany.rausch@brown.k12.oh.us
Richards, Angela Intervention Specialist 13115 angela.richards@wb.k12.oh.us
Ripato, Amy Intervention Specialist  378-6131 ext 331 amy.ripato@shctc.k12.oh.us
Rolph, Marcie Intervention Specialist 14504 marcie.rolph@wb.k12.oh.us
Ryan, Ellen Physical Therapist 937-393-1904 (102) eryan@ohioregion14.org
Smith, Renae Aide 14122 renae.smith@brown.k12.oh.us
Stacy, Tammy Aide tammy.stacy@brown.k12.oh.us
Katie Stapelton             
Stinson, Ricquel
Aide 14122 ricquel.stinson@brown.k12.oh.us
Stolley, Kimberly Speech                                  * kimberly1017@yahoo.com
Sweet, Shannon Intervention Specialist 11149 shannon.sweet@wb.k12.oh.us

Thatcher-Pottebaum, Brandi School Psychologist 15013 brandi.thatcher@brown.k12.oh.us
Tise, Shannon Occupational Therapist 937-393-1904 (144) stise@ohioregion14.org
Vance, Amy Itinerant Teacher-PS 937-393-1904 (140) avance@ohioregion14.org
Weaver, Abbey Interpreter 937-393-1904 (110) aweaver@ohioregion14.org
Weil, Amy Intervention Specialist 13117 amy.weil@brown.k12.oh.us
Wenger, Emily Educational Audiologist 937-393-1904 (106) ewenger@ohioregion14.org
Wright, Jessica Aide 13180 jessica.wright@wbk12.oh.us
Yockey, Kimberley  Aide 14506 kimberley.yockey@wb.k12.oh.us
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Western Brown Local Schools
524 West Main Street, Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154
Phone: 937-444-2044 Fax: 937-444-4303
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524 West Main Street
Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154

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