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League History

Western Brown High School
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History of the Clermont County League/Southern Buckeye Conference High School Sports

League History of OHSAA High School Membership
Clermont County League (1919-1986)
Southern Buckeye Conference (1987-present)

High School Years in League

Amelia* 1919-1985 2010-2017
Batavia* 1919-1985 1998-present
Bethel*# 1919-present
Blanchester 1992-1997 2001-present
Clinton Massie 2001-2005 2017-present
Clermont Northeastern 1958-present
East Clinton 2001-2012 2017-present
Felicity Franklin*# 1919-present
Georgetown 1997-present
Glen Este 1964-1966
Goshen 1928-1986 2005-present
Hillsboro 1993-2003
Loveland* 1919-1936 1995-1997
Greenfield McClain 2001-2003
Milford* 1919-1956
Moscow 1928-1958
North College Hill 1987-1991
Norwood 2012-2017
Owensville* 1919-1957
New Richmond* 1919-1956 1969-present
Western Brown 1972-present
Wilmington 2017-present
Williamsburg*# 1919-present

*Denotes original charter member since 1919.
#Denotes school has been member since inception of league in 1919.

Note: This is one of the oldest leagues in Ohio. The OHSAA formed in


The Clermont County League formed on Sept. 5th, 1919.

The original charter members were: Amelia, Batavia, Bethel, Felicity, Loveland, Milford, Owensville, New Richmond and Williamsburg.

In 1928, Goshen and Moscow joined the CCL.

Loveland left the CCL after the 1936 school year.

Milford and New Richmond left the CCL in 1956 because they were both Exempted Village Schools and the rest of the league was opposed.

Moscow consolidated with Felicity in 1959 and then left Felicity and later became part of the New Richmond School District.

In 1964, Glen Este joined the CCL and stayed until 1966, when they left for the new Eastern Hills League.

New Richmond rejoined the CCL in 1969.

In 1971-72, Hamersville and Mt. Orab consolidated into Western Brown and after one year in the Southern Hills League, joined the CCL in 1972-73.

Amelia and Batavia left the CCL in 1985 and Goshen departed in 1986 causing the CCL to look at expansion for the first time in 20 years.

North College Hill became a member of the newly named Southern Buckeye Conference in 1987 and stayed until 1991. The conference was renamed the Southern Buckeye Academic and Athletic Conference because there were now two teams from outside Clermont County and the league did not think it was appropriate to keep the name "Clermont County League".

Blanchester joined the SBC in 1992, left in 1997 and re-entered in 2001, with three new teams (McClain, Clinton Massie and East Clinton).

Loveland re-entered the SBC in 1995 and departed again in 1997.

Georgetown left the Southern Hills League in 1997 and joined the Southern Buckeye Conference in the fall of 1997.

Hillsboro and Greenfield McClain departed the SBC at the end of the 2003 school year and rejoined the old South Central Ohio League that broke up after the 1992 school year.

Clinton Massie left the SBC to join the SCOL after the 2004-05 school year and then returned to the SBC in 2017-18.

Goshen left the FAVC and rejoined the SBC in 2005-06.

Amelia left the FAVC and re- joined the SBC in 2010-2011
and is leaving in 2017 to merge with Glen Este to become West Clermont.

East Clinton left the SBC and joined the SCOL after the 2012 school year and then left the SCOL and returned to the SBC in 2017-18.
Norwood left the FAVC in 2012 and joined the SBC and will be leaving in 2017.

Wilmington left the SCOL at the end of the 2017 school year and joined the SBC in 2017-18.

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